Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Believe In Something

What does it mean to you to wake up everyday and know that there are people who had plans to wake up this morning but they did not see today? Sometimes I have to remind myself that no matter how long my day may seem or what I don't have, I have been given a chance to be grateful for what I do have and can do.

Something that has been consistent in all the things I have done whether I was proud of it or not, is that my actions were a reflection of my subconscious belief about whatever it was that I chose to do, or chose not to do.

It is important to take some time and evaluate ones internal and external self and be comfortable, confidant, and able to confront yourself and your beliefs.

I have questioned my motivation for acting on a random thoughts. If my motives were in the right place cool. If my motives were not in the right place I had to be willing to face the consequences of my decisions for or against that action.

Something can look or feel great for a time. Its funny how a rock with a batch of glitter on it may appear to outshine gold under the right amount of light. When the lights go out which will hold its value? The rock buried in glitter?The piece of gold? What must a person posess to know which is which when the lights are out?

Make time at least once a week to take in all the information from the days gone by and let the next weeks get better by applying what your learning from your experiences.

If you haven't already found something positive to believe in. Think about it. A cause, a way of thinking, a future, a lifestyle, a plan, a phrase that helps you get things done, a memory...

Believe In Something...

Live Life Well


achali said...

good post man


Crystal Marie said...

I feel inspired! :) Great way to end my work day and get ready to start the next one.

Starr said...

looks like you are saying learn from your life lessons good and bad?? learn from others around you? thats some good advice.

Mathew said...

I'm glad yall can take something from it or relate to it in some way shape or form. Life is always showing us something. Sometime we know it without acknowledging what we are experiencing creating a fabricated sense of the way we see it and the way it actually is.

I do agree that it is important to learn from the good and the bad. Its important to be ok with making a decision even if it is one that didn't take you where you wanted to go. The large precentage of growth takes place when you have to problem solve in an area of life that you really haven't had to many problems in before. Suddenly, you are required to look in the mirror to find that the answer you have been looking all over for is in you. The answer is in the eyes you look into everyday when you wash your face before heading out the door.

We all carry seeds inside and the ones we water are the ones that grow. The ones we neglect don't reach their potential and can be choked by the roots of the forest we build. Positive or Negative.

Anonymous said...

Good thought process. I just wanted to make sure we all remember to believe in ourselves. It is sometimes taken for granted, but always good to be reminded. So many things can escape us in our daily lives, especially our own sense of self.


Mathew said...

I appreciate you adding that and I agree that it is essential to know without doubt that you are able. You have been given everything you need to make positive choices and move forward and up. To know ones self is the begining of the discovery of life.
Before I defined myself I was on some blank missions... It took some time and some more time lol.
I started looking at me though and you then realize your own pros and cons. From there I was like oh all I need to do is change this or that but really we all will always be growing and changing. Its just important to have that solid foundation to stand on when the floor seems shaken in areas of our lives. If you fall you can always land on the FOUNDATION and ,be like, oh... snap. Ok I remmeber now I was getting a bit beside myself and move on from there. You get the confidance you need to build a humble confidance in believing in yourself.
Bigg ups on that note!

Fabian said...

Great note fam. I'm very proud that you are writing about passion and purpose which are very important in life.

Stay at it, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

You always have so much insight into life and people. I always appreciate your comments on life and your feedback on mine, although sometimes it can be painful to hear. Anytime I hear you speak or read your words I have a lot to think about and try to take and look at my life from the perspective you just shared. Often, I find that I can stand to think more deeply and look more closely at areas that need improvement as well as the areas that I can share with others because I've been blessed enough to be strong in those areas.

Gratitude is something that many people don't think about. Not just gratitude because somebody gave you a gift or held a door open, but gratitude for the simple things in life. The blessings that are often taken for granted. Like the opportunity to feel joy and love and share that with others for just one more day, even if things seem to be falling apart in your life. Be grateful that you have life and choices for another day.

Thanks Mathew :)

ShayLS said...

I find that when I have a particular goal in mind I am more motivated to achieve it, as oppose to not having any end result in mind.I believe that you should have an outcome planned and stick to it because if you do you will be more focused while you reach towards your own individual goals,intentions and you will have something to believe in, something to look forward to :)