Monday, May 14, 2012

About Time

Its about time... Life is a gift that provides us with the chance to give not in order to receive, but in order that someone else may receive. It is interesting how we always seem to have what we need when we need it most. When people ask, "how is life treating you?" What do you say.

I thought about this question some time ago and considered the responses I had given. Most were as if the question posed was, "how is everything going?" As I have listened to the responses other people have to the first question, I see I am not alone. Which brought me to another series of questions. Do I treat life? or Does life treat me? Some would say it is a bit of both. Daily we know most of us wake up with a set of circumstances we have created due to the choices we made in our yesterdays. Others wake up each day living in a circumstance created by the choices someone else made.

No matter what your circumstance was yesterday or a year ago, today you have not one choice but many choices. Some may seem small and insignificant. When we consider that our life today is a result of the small and seemingly insignificant choices we have made up to this point in our lives, it becomes apparent that no choice is insignificant. Today you have 24 hours to build a part of your tomorrow. Tomorrow you will have the same. Each day provides us enough time to live with significance. Your words can help someone else build the tomorrow they vision for themselves. Your words also have the power to destroy your dreams and the dreams of others. The beauty is in the power to choose.

Don't live your life on repeat. This is a big world. Ask yourself , "Do I treat life or is life treating me? To let life treat you requires no participation on your end. You simply say thank you for all you get and hope it is enough to survive the demands each day brings. When you treat life you engage in the decision making process before making choices. Your build your life on a foundation that has a blueprint for longevity.

Being young and ambitious can make a day of inactivity seem long. For every result there is a process and every process will produce a result. There are no shortcuts in a process; however, with planning a process can be improved. If you feel as though you have been "taking the long way," slow down and re evaluate your approach to where you are trying to go. After all of your time has passed, "What do you want to be able to show for it?"

A mentor of mine once told me, "life is a series of serious choices." Having had to make a few important decisions now I understand what he meant. Embrace humility, forgiveness of self and others, joy, peace, and an attitude of thanksgiving. Build on that and help others do the same through your thoughts, words, and actions. Tomorrow will come. Prepare for your life and be bold enough to build it one day, one choice, one action at a time.

Take a moment to be the best you this world has. It is about time.
Live life well...