Monday, December 8, 2008

Pimps and Hoes...? Papercuts, Peroxide, and a Bandaid

A thought I had in during a conversation... A thought that didn't materialize but maybe if it did it would have helped provide an insight to their behavior. The thought I had was simply, "I don't treat you like a hoe so don't treat me like your pimp." This thought is based in the experiences we have with people who are used to highly physical activity in the early stages of getting acquainted. I see beauty deeper than the physical appearance of a woman and it is what I see beyond the appearance that attracts me to think anything beyond, "Shes cute, so what life is still moving time is still ticking, we all breath air and eat food, NEXT!"

Sometime people are used to being used and they have played the same role in the relationships they have been in. Maybe they are good at that role. Maybe they don't think more of themselves. Maybe they play a high role because the don't see anything less for themselves. Either way, whichever may best describe you, please do yourself a favor. Diversify your talents. Build on your weakness. Make time to rest so you can grow stronger mentally physically and spiritually on a regular basis. (At least once every two weeks)

An exercise you may want to try during some time to yourself. Draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper creating two columns. One column list the things that you like about yourself. the other column is to list the areas in your life that you have lack and need for growth. Now think to yourself in a quite uninterrupted space. Who am I? Before you can get a clear answer to that question you may have to ask, "who am I not?" As you get a good idea of who you are ad who you want to grow into, review your list. Look at the things that make you who you are. These list reflect the ideas that you believe to be true of you. These list reflect the qualities that have influenced the decisions you have made to bring you to the point you are at in your life today.

Now, keeping in mind who you desire to grow to be. Start two new columns on a clear sheet of paper. One column is for Qualities that qualify to be a part of me. The other column is qualities that stunt my growth.

This is an exercise for personal awareness. The goal is to create an awareness of what is within you and give you a better idea of how you should be setting goals that are personalized for you to help you grow and develop in a healthy happy direction.

Always keep in mind who you are. ALWAYS know who you are and who you are not. Do not get the two confused. What if we were actually smart enough to believe that we are who God says we are...If you have never heard who you are in Gods eyes please pray for some understanding. There will always be something inside each of us that says, "I can do this, I can do anything I want because I am a great person. I believe that I can." That something which reminds you that you are better than any poor decision is who you really are. Please don't settle for poor decisions thinking that it is the best you can do when you know that better was, better is, and better always will be just one more thought away.

Now to bring things back to the beginning of this post :-)

There is something to be said about knowing who you are. I know who I am. Who I am is not the body I am in, it is not the job I hold, it is not the many accomplishments or awards I have attained over the years. Who I am cannot be found in the numbers of my phone books past or present, nor the social organizations I have been affiliated with.

Who I am is in my thoughts. Who I am is in my words. Who I am is in my actions. All of which are stronger than any physical part of me, yet none greater than the source that gives them form, order, and proper alignment.

With that said. Recognizing that you are a creation of beauty, carry yourself as such unapologetically ignoring any negativity that would suggest otherwise...

You have been blessed please be the blessing you were born to be.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Believe In Something

What does it mean to you to wake up everyday and know that there are people who had plans to wake up this morning but they did not see today? Sometimes I have to remind myself that no matter how long my day may seem or what I don't have, I have been given a chance to be grateful for what I do have and can do.

Something that has been consistent in all the things I have done whether I was proud of it or not, is that my actions were a reflection of my subconscious belief about whatever it was that I chose to do, or chose not to do.

It is important to take some time and evaluate ones internal and external self and be comfortable, confidant, and able to confront yourself and your beliefs.

I have questioned my motivation for acting on a random thoughts. If my motives were in the right place cool. If my motives were not in the right place I had to be willing to face the consequences of my decisions for or against that action.

Something can look or feel great for a time. Its funny how a rock with a batch of glitter on it may appear to outshine gold under the right amount of light. When the lights go out which will hold its value? The rock buried in glitter?The piece of gold? What must a person posess to know which is which when the lights are out?

Make time at least once a week to take in all the information from the days gone by and let the next weeks get better by applying what your learning from your experiences.

If you haven't already found something positive to believe in. Think about it. A cause, a way of thinking, a future, a lifestyle, a plan, a phrase that helps you get things done, a memory...

Believe In Something...

Live Life Well

Saturday, September 20, 2008

9 X 3 = ....

Nine for the third time. Many have heard that life goes by fast. Most don't consider how fast that really is until they are in the latter years of being somewhat young or maybe later. Nine for the third time... What does that mean what is it about? A sequence of numbers? No, its more or less about a chronological progression of life. Its been interesting thus far. The first time I was nine I was all about cartoons, playing outside, KoolAid, Nintendo, Cereal, Saturday morning cartoons, and sitting in church with a very small understanding of what it was all about. The second time I turned nine, I was all go about football, graduating high school, getting the money I could get for working part-time at all the pretty ladies I was meeting and had yet to meet, looking forward to college, my perception of the world was still untainted by life. The third time I turned nine... :-) Well, I graduated from undergrad a little bit ago, worked a few salaried jobs, politely excused a lot of people from my life, invited a small number of people into my life, Learned how to appreciate the low maintenance people in my life who just found there place in my life and I in theirs without all the highs and lows..., I have traveled across the united states been to a few other countries, been on a cruise, went on a few mission trips, went, skydiving, taken time to listen to God's direction for me, Ran my way to being a three time All-American at 400m, Learned more patience for that which I don't understand, Learned that everyone is not gonna like you or want to see you do well, Learned the value of loving myself no matter what happens, I have watched the people across the world respond to numerous conflicts as well as create new ones to take the place of old ones. Its interesting to me that as much as we know we are unable to accurately address similar problems across cultures. Its interesting to me how alike people are and how different we would like to believe we are from everyone else. I have had the chance to touch and change many peoples lives through my vocation, I have enjoyed learning some lessons were harder to accept than others yet, all necessary for growth.

Its interesting what a person learns as they grow. At 25 it was like I was a new born. I know why people used to say "Oh, you still just a baby." In my head I was like man whatever I was a baby a long time ago. After turning twenty five I felt like I was now given the basics I needed to know to begin living life with enough information to be healthy, happy, and make choices that lead me where I wanna go. Its funny that I was right about having enough to begin and I have kept seeking new information to help me continue. There is so much to know and experience. So much life to live and I look forward to the journey I am on. Its a good one.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Productivity of Monday

Hola Buenos Dias Tardes Noches, Hey yall, Whats up! Greetings! Sup!
Today was a productive day:
Got up early was at work at 7:15am working
Good breakfast Breakfast Tacos, Oatmeal,
Had a productive morning
No terrible phone calls at work.
Good light lunch Grilled Chicken Sandwich Water!!! Lots of Water!!! :-)
Good snacks Banana, Nutrition bar,
Got off work at a decent hour.
Went to the track
Legs killin from the hills on Saturday none the less.
Back to base work 10x500m
Head to the gym Lifted a little bit and hit the hot tub
Body is tired and sore, bout to finish this food and get some rest.
Thinking about some things I will share in the coming days.

Lifes stages are all different yet all necessary... Pero, que does a young man/ young woman do while he/she is waiting for his/her turn? When does he/she realize that his/her time is all the time, and whenever he/she chooses to take it, it will make room for him/her?

Comments welcome!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Beginnings

Its a new season. In the next four years a lot will come and a lot will pass. There will be a few things that will stand through the test of time. I believe my passion for excelling has a place in my future. I have learned that life seems a little bit brighter when you can exchange your experiences with others who have walked, are walking, or would like to walk the path you are walking. This is a medium designed at this time in this space to grow, build, and move positively.
Take your time.

Base training began this past week kicked it off with a challenging Labor Day workout that consisted of 10x500m relaxed. Relaxed was a term that could only be described as you mean let God carry you around the track after the sixth rep cause my legs had finished being relaxed after 3000m. The remainder of the week went alright. Still spending time and much energy with the day job. I know about a few things that will help me out this season will be take care of my mind, take care of my body, and take care of my spirit.

With that said I'm gonna go hit up this hill on a nice September Saturday evening.
Thank you for taking the time out to be present.

Until the next time. . . Do life well.