Monday, September 8, 2008

The Productivity of Monday

Hola Buenos Dias Tardes Noches, Hey yall, Whats up! Greetings! Sup!
Today was a productive day:
Got up early was at work at 7:15am working
Good breakfast Breakfast Tacos, Oatmeal,
Had a productive morning
No terrible phone calls at work.
Good light lunch Grilled Chicken Sandwich Water!!! Lots of Water!!! :-)
Good snacks Banana, Nutrition bar,
Got off work at a decent hour.
Went to the track
Legs killin from the hills on Saturday none the less.
Back to base work 10x500m
Head to the gym Lifted a little bit and hit the hot tub
Body is tired and sore, bout to finish this food and get some rest.
Thinking about some things I will share in the coming days.

Lifes stages are all different yet all necessary... Pero, que does a young man/ young woman do while he/she is waiting for his/her turn? When does he/she realize that his/her time is all the time, and whenever he/she chooses to take it, it will make room for him/her?

Comments welcome!


achali said...

hmm... patience and preparation... when the opportunity comes gotta be ready for it... but gotta be patient enough to wait for the correct opportunity...?

Mathew said...

I agree that patience and preperation are a part of the next move and ultimately work cohesively. In essence the two are one in the same as a seed is also the plant that it will one day show itself to be.
Stages. . .

Chesay Désirée said...

Your blog looks GREAT! Patience and preparation are some of the keys to success. Continue to work towards your dreams with courage and preseverance. Your success is right within your grasps. I'm excited to see your hard work come into fruition.

shorty_m523 said...

sounds like you had a great day..wish mine was almost the same :o(

achali said...

thought about this some more... i think for me i really have to enjoy the preparation as much as i imagine myself enjoying the goal once i have it.

cause if i don't actually enjoy the preparation then it leaves too much room to become discouraged...