Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy New Era: Lifes Story One Page at a Time

Moving forward. The progression of time is one that has remained constant through its own accelerated patience. I am filled with excitement knowing that tomorrow will mark one of the Earth's most significant moments time has revealed. I am filled with emotions that are pressing at the seams of my earthy transportation. I am excited to know what is ahead is a solar push that is no longer afraid to accelerate and meet many conflicts that have stood waiting to be challenged. The move of change. Is not the move of Chance. Intentional progress vs. accidental pacification.

The word says there is nothing new under the sun; but, I must say, I do enjoy knowing the winds of change have brought this breath of fresh air.
After watching so many steps taken in many directions. Its been a long time since I have seen such a strong steps forward. Been a long time of listening to and taking shallow breaths of panic and stress. The time is here to breath in a breath of life. Breath in a breath that provides the strength to play a role in something bigger than ourselves. A breath that when exhaled has the power to change the world.

Breathing deep...
Striding Forward Focused in Thoughtful Silence

Life spoken is life lived.

Blessings and positivity as you think and decide what your contribution will be to the rest of your lives.


Anonymous said...

Today is an amazing day in history, but more importantly in each of our lives. During the presidential campaign we heard time and time again the word "change". The world changed on November 4th. The world will change again today as Barack Obama moves from "president-elect" to the 44th President of our country. I expected one day in my life I would be part of the making of history in terms of electing a black president. I didn't expect that day to be now. The incredible thing about our new president and this time in history is not only that he will work to change history (as long as we continue to support him), but that a man of great character, regardless of race, has been deemed worthy by many Americans and the world at large, to be the man to bring change, to bring justice to the many underrepresented groups (I don't mean solely people of color, but elderly, poor, uneducated, etc.), to inspire NATIONS, and to bring the world closer together.

A breath of new life has definietly come over many people. Inspiration has blown into the hearts of many along with the belief that they are capable of great things and possibly the courage to do something about it.

The Obama's sacrificed many things on the journey to win the presidency. Money probably was not the sacrifice as they are highly educated people who held high roles. But what is often pushed aside as being expendable to many who pursue financial wealth, friends and family - true wealth - was the sacrifice. Although the Obamas made their time together of high quality, it was a sacrifice to spend so much time apart.

Given that sacrifice and the many deep breaths that the Obamas had to take in to pursue change and inspire hope and believe in so many, we can surely take the time to stop, breathe in our own deep breath and question our role in something bigger. We can take time to contemplate the steps and paths that we must take to do our part in the change we hope to see not only in this country, but in each individual in our country, and around the world.

After that deep breath in and the deliberation of what our individual role is in creating change, we should feel free and empowered to exhale and believe that that breath "has the power to change the world."

I am so thrilled and so proud to see this day and to be able to share the experience and emotions that I feel with my friends and family. After the dissapointment of the last 2 elections, this is incredible.

Life spoken is life lived - so true Mathew. After taking that deep breath, we should all speak the change we intend nto be and/or create. Speak it regularly and live it daily.

Love yas!

Chesay Désirée said...

There are so many emotions and thoughts as my eyes laid witness to one of the most historical events in our nation's history.

Change is happening all around us, whether we chose to acknowledge or ignore it. Change is an upstopple force whose vibrations echoe through out time touching each of us in small and significant ways. Today many of us welcomed this change as we witnessed history unfold right before our eyes.

Watching the inaugration of President Obama brings an a giddity excitement, but most all it renews a hope that was beginning to dwindle.

True and deep words were spoken by our 44th president when describing a legacy. "A man will be remembered not what he destroys, but what he creates."

I pray as a nation we take our steps towards change as a time to define and create great things not just for this present generation, but for generations to come.

Now it is time to be about the business of change, understanding that change never comes without sacrifice. What each of us gives individually and collectively will define our progress towards grasping the promises of positive change.

Our president cannot do it alone it will take each us to make the challenges and sacrifice of change work for us as a nation.

Change is the sum total of the risks and sacrifice we make to achieve greatness as we strive to be the change we wish to see in our nation. Deep breaths, deliberate steps, steady progress, hard word and determination...YES! WE CAN!

Anonymous said...

I am overwhelmed with joy, happines and so blessed to be apart of this historic moment and to be alive to see it.To know that we as a nation believed in something and took a chance at something is wonderful.President Barack Obama talked about change but in order for change to start you truly have to start within yourself then work on your communities. President Barack Obama did not do it by himself either he had supporters right by his side all the way and that created success. He is such a role-model for all of us. As a nation we have to help him with the changes because he cannot do it by himself. There is a saying that goes like this "it takes a village to raise a child" so it will take a nation to create change.

Ethan Mignard said...

Today is a great day for America and for the world. President Obama is an inspirational figure and truly proves that "impossible is nothing." I believe that he will be a great leader, and that he comes at a time when our country really needs one. Although I think that our country has a long way to go concerning race relations, I am amazed at how the country has come. To have a black president just 40 years after the Civil Rights movement is an amazing achievement that we as a nation need to be very proud of. I am excited for the President Obama's term, I think he has some great ideas and I look forward to seeing them being put into action. However, as inspirational President Obama is to me, I do not put my hope in him but rather I choose to put my hope in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."
I know that God has great plans for our nation, and I pray that he will guide and direct President Obama to accomplish His will. God Bless America.

achali said...

while i look forward to change, aside from the race element, i don't see much change in obama. unlike so many, i'll hold my judgment until he has a chance to act. i do, however, hope that the racial significance of the moment inspires folks to actively pursue stronger community.

Anonymous said...
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