Monday, December 8, 2008

Pimps and Hoes...? Papercuts, Peroxide, and a Bandaid

A thought I had in during a conversation... A thought that didn't materialize but maybe if it did it would have helped provide an insight to their behavior. The thought I had was simply, "I don't treat you like a hoe so don't treat me like your pimp." This thought is based in the experiences we have with people who are used to highly physical activity in the early stages of getting acquainted. I see beauty deeper than the physical appearance of a woman and it is what I see beyond the appearance that attracts me to think anything beyond, "Shes cute, so what life is still moving time is still ticking, we all breath air and eat food, NEXT!"

Sometime people are used to being used and they have played the same role in the relationships they have been in. Maybe they are good at that role. Maybe they don't think more of themselves. Maybe they play a high role because the don't see anything less for themselves. Either way, whichever may best describe you, please do yourself a favor. Diversify your talents. Build on your weakness. Make time to rest so you can grow stronger mentally physically and spiritually on a regular basis. (At least once every two weeks)

An exercise you may want to try during some time to yourself. Draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper creating two columns. One column list the things that you like about yourself. the other column is to list the areas in your life that you have lack and need for growth. Now think to yourself in a quite uninterrupted space. Who am I? Before you can get a clear answer to that question you may have to ask, "who am I not?" As you get a good idea of who you are ad who you want to grow into, review your list. Look at the things that make you who you are. These list reflect the ideas that you believe to be true of you. These list reflect the qualities that have influenced the decisions you have made to bring you to the point you are at in your life today.

Now, keeping in mind who you desire to grow to be. Start two new columns on a clear sheet of paper. One column is for Qualities that qualify to be a part of me. The other column is qualities that stunt my growth.

This is an exercise for personal awareness. The goal is to create an awareness of what is within you and give you a better idea of how you should be setting goals that are personalized for you to help you grow and develop in a healthy happy direction.

Always keep in mind who you are. ALWAYS know who you are and who you are not. Do not get the two confused. What if we were actually smart enough to believe that we are who God says we are...If you have never heard who you are in Gods eyes please pray for some understanding. There will always be something inside each of us that says, "I can do this, I can do anything I want because I am a great person. I believe that I can." That something which reminds you that you are better than any poor decision is who you really are. Please don't settle for poor decisions thinking that it is the best you can do when you know that better was, better is, and better always will be just one more thought away.

Now to bring things back to the beginning of this post :-)

There is something to be said about knowing who you are. I know who I am. Who I am is not the body I am in, it is not the job I hold, it is not the many accomplishments or awards I have attained over the years. Who I am cannot be found in the numbers of my phone books past or present, nor the social organizations I have been affiliated with.

Who I am is in my thoughts. Who I am is in my words. Who I am is in my actions. All of which are stronger than any physical part of me, yet none greater than the source that gives them form, order, and proper alignment.

With that said. Recognizing that you are a creation of beauty, carry yourself as such unapologetically ignoring any negativity that would suggest otherwise...

You have been blessed please be the blessing you were born to be.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...very interesting title? Sometimes the things we view as a major injury in our lives is nothing more than a papercut and all we need to do is clean it and put a band-aid on it. So, I really like the title.

For the hurt we all experience in our lives that goes beyond a superficial papercut we can draw strength from it, cause we survived the hurt. Not only do we have the experience, but a reference point for how to overcome...remembering we've been through it and now have the skills and abilities to get through not only that difficult time, but any difficult time.

Losing or forgetting one's center in God will cause self doubt. My comment a little long I always I appreciate your thoughts and your insights.

Continue to share...


Anonymous said...

I like this post because its touches on facing the reality of our need to recognize who we really are in the eyes of God--it is powerful! There is a song that we sing in our church that has the chorus "See Yourself In the Future" that is exactly what we need to do. God knows that we are not perfect and growing is a continual process. It is through this growth that we go through the hurts and pitfalls of life, but it is the overcoming of those obstacles that define our character. God has created us to be great so make the choice to believe and achieve that greatness. Remember to be humble and acknowledge God always!

Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

Question what does it mean to treat someone like a pimp; what does that look like?

Lol...may be I'm a little naive, but I don't get it.


achali said...

it all starts with knowing who you are. i often think about what a disadvantage we are at when we don't have this reinforced in us at a young age. i'm lucky to have had a family that instilled a sense of identity and self confidence in me when i was growing up. some cultures go so far as to name their children according to what god has told those parents and grandparents what their child's life's purpose will be. imagine being given such a powerful connection to a spiritual destiny at birth. in my mom's culture the grandparents are responsible for naming all children not the parents. they say elders and children are close to eachother because children have just come from heaven and the elders are getting ready to return there... so they have much to share... i think that's a tradition worth upholding and i plan on letting my mom name my children, god willing she's around to do it.

Mathew said...

Thank you for your contributions. Yes, the things we view as major injury can truely be a reminder of many sorts the sooner we realize we are stronger in that area of our lives because of it to sooner life can move forward.


Mathew said...

Its always interesting to experience the perception of a situation or condition from one person to the next. Yes, it is important to be able to see yourself in the future. You will be what you want to be you will see yourself where you can invision yourself. That may sound redundant but the concept is stated in a way that may over simplify its bold and elementry truth. You must be bold enough to vision yourself where you want to be in life, get information, make moves so that you can be where you want to be.

You ask what does it mean to be treated like a pimp... It is some variation of the following...
One person talking to and treating another person as if they are suppose to treat them in a way that says your my property not my friend. I use you for what your good for being used for when I feel like using you be ready to jump when I say so.

There are too many who don't have any foundation of who they are or any idea of where they want to be in life. It is interesting to think that we are all here for not only one reason but many reasons to many people. We live through seasons for reasons. We move based on the convictions we have about our experiences and as we learn about ourselves often I have noticed that our priorities change. My priorities have shifted from what they were as a child to a teenager and into being a responsible adult. I have taken the time to see that I was not brought here to be a robot, a number, a race, a handsome face, or any other superficial label people use to sum up a person. I think that it is very interesting that there are those two opposite sides of a spectrum of life. Arrival and Departure. What happens inbetween has to be one of the most mysterious occurances from one person to the next. It amazing what happens through life so many things seen and unseen.
I pray that your parents are around to name your children as well. The insight that our elders hold is the treasure to our success or failure...